Celebrating Service- WGST 101


Dr. Esther Godfrey's Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies classes partner with the SAFE 家s-Rape Crisis Coalition. The coalition seeks to "use our collective voice to address the impact of domestic and sexual violence by providing quality services to those affected and to create social change through education, training, and activism" (shrcc.org/)。如下图所示,博士。戈弗雷(前排中)与wgst 101名学生同时通过住宅设施的美化支持shrcc的使命姿势。学生也服务于零售商店,促进家庭暴力和性侵犯的警觉,并协调为有需要的妇女和儿童服装驱动器,直接应用概念从他们的课程到现实世界和我们的直接社会。

 WGST 101 Class posing during painting project

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